Which Suit Fabric Should I Buy?

When deciding on which kind of material you want for your suit, the first roadblock you're going to run into is price. For most normal use, a polyester suit will suffice. They're strong, durable, and can hold up to many dry-cleanings.

Of course, some may desire a more top-of-the-line material for their suit, which will open up your options. A wool suit is many men's first choice. Wool is resilient, and you will find it to keep you warmer in the winter while breathing well in the summer. You will also often find a number following a wool suit (from around 80-200), describing a fabric count. In this case, a higher number will lead to a better look and fit. Generally, you're looking for a fabric count of at least a 100.

Of course, the material of a suit can also be used to add a bit of style. Poly-rayon suits are generally flashy and perfect for parties. Velvet suits, on the other hand, are perfect for when a lucky someone will be getting up-close enough to grab a touch - and of course, it will always add a little Hugh Hefner-esque look to your outfit.

Whichever suit fabric you choose, make sure you take care of it well. Dry-clean them only, and they'll keep you looking good for years to come.

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