Should I Wear a Single or Double Breasted Suit?

One of the first decisions you make when purchasing a suit is whether it should be single or double breasted. While the single-breasted style is considered the classic choice, some men may look better in double breasted suits.

To start off, we'll give you a simple definition of both types of suits. The single breasted suit, typically with three buttons (but some suits may have more / less), has a single line of buttons down the front of the suit or blazer. When worn, it traditional to always button the top button, sometmie the middle button, and never the bottom button. The double breasted suit has two lines of buttons and enough fabric to cover both of them. They're constructed so that the suit can remain buttoned even when seated.

To decide between single and double breasted suits, you should consider your body type and the impression you want to make. The single breasted suit has been worn for centuries, and will certainly keep you looking good in the future, so if you're only purchasing one or two suits you might want to stick with them. That being said, the double-breasted jacket adds bulk to a figure, making it look particularly good on thin or tall men. The ultimate choice of whether to go single or double breasted ends with you.  With the right choice, though, you'll have a look that is sure to impress others.

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