How to Find Your Suit Size

A suit size is usually found through a combination of chest, height, and waist measurements.

If your chest is 46 inches (measured around), you should wear a size 46 suit. An easy way to determine this size is by taking your waist size, and adding six inches. Usually, a person's chest is six inches larger than their waist (unless you are very muscular, in which case you should call us so that we can personally help you find the right fitting suit).

Your height will determine whether you should buy a short, regular, or long. We suggest that if you're 5'6" or less, you order a short. If you're 5'7" through 5'11", you order a regular. If you're taller than 6', you should order a long. The actual measurements for your suit will be slightly larger (about two inches) to give you room for movement.

For your waist measurement, our suits are a standard six inch drop. This means that for a size 46 suit, the pants will have a 40 inch waist. All of our pants come unhemmed, to ensure that altering is easy.

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