How to Find Your Hat Size

The first step is to get a tape measure. Once you have that, put it around your head where you want your hat to rest. If you aren't sure of where that is, you can put on another hat of some sort, see where that hat rests on your hat, and then measure that. For most people, this spot will be from just above the center of the forehead in the front, to the upslope of the "lump" in back. Because the back of your head is more angled than your forehead, it usually helps to have someone hold the tape in place in the back. Most people like their hat to rest about one-eighth to one-half inch above the ears, so the tape should be above the tops of your ears on both sides. Check the tape to make sure it's more or less level all around. Pull the tape snug and see if it feels just right. If not, try a little higher or a little lower until it does.

Once you've found your spot, measure to the nearest one-eighth inch. Heads don't come in incremental sizes, but whichever size you're closest to will feel pretty good when you put the hat on. Once you have that measurement, use the chart below to calculate your hat size. 

Hat Size       Measurement in Inches       Measurement in CMs

21 1/8" to 21 1/2"
54 to 55
21 7/8" to 22 5/8"
56 to 58
23" to 23 1/2"
59 to 60
23 7/8" to 24 1/4"
61 to 62
24 5/8" to 25"
63 to 64

Now that you've found your size, you're ready to buy a hat. Hats come in all different styles and colors, so pick one that will match your look. A hat can be dressed up with a suit, or dressed down with jeans - they're perfect for weddings, dances, evenings out, or really any occasion! Simply click on the "hats" link above and you can start your search for the hat that is just right for you.