Funeral Suits for Rental and Buying Online during COVID-19

Unfortunately, in the age of COVID-19, funerals are becoming more common. It's important for those attending funerals to show respect to the ones who have passed, and their families. For men, that typically means dressing formally.

Are you planning to attend a funeral for the first time in a while? Then you're in need of a black suit. Let's look at what your options are, consider the equiquette of renting a funeral suit, or buying a funeral suit, and everything you can do to support your loved one, family member, or friend on the day of their rememberance.

Men's Two Button Black Funeral Suit for COVID-19

Types of Suits for a Funeral

While your mind, of course, has other things to think about when you're planning to attend a funeral, that doesn't mean that you can show up looking like a slob. Going to a funeral in jeans, or a t-shirt, is against the recommendations of nearly anyone.

Often, a single-breasted type is the way to go. It's less flashy than a double-breasted or sharkskin suit, and will keep everyone's focus on the time and importance of the moment at hand.

For most men, a two button 100% wool is the best bet for a funeral. 

Why is that the best choice?

  • A black suit constructed from high-quality 100% wool will have the dark, defined lack of color that you're looking for.
  • Wool will keep you cool and comfortable inside air conditioned funeral homes.
  • The two button style is the most common style for men's suits in 2020.
  • Wool will stand up to repeated wears - which hopefully won't be necessary.

When you're looking to buy your first black suit, then a 100% wool two button suit is the way to go.

But of course, one suit will not fit everyone. For example, customers trying to save money may be considering renting a suit.

Cheap Suit for COVID-19 Funerals
Funeral Suit Rentals: What to Look for and Consider

Typically, men consider rentals suits for funerals for one reason: to save on price. After all, if you're only going to wear something once, it can seem silly to buy rather than rent.

Find Your Size 2 Button Black Wool Suit

That being said, if you're only looking for price, you should be thinking about looking your best while saving dollars. In most casses, it's more cost effective to simply get a suit made from manmade materials, like 100% poly, than wool - and you can probably get it, andg et it taillored to your exact sizing and needs, for less than the cost of renting a wool suit.

For those looking to save money by renting, you should consider buying an affordable (ok, cheap) men's two button 100% poly suit.

There's other options to consider:

The Double Breasted Black Suit

A double breasted suit is a more stylish presence than the standard two or three button suit, and is perfect for men of a certain body-type. As a choice, it can come off as more sophisticated than the plain, standard single breasted suit.

Shop Your Size Double Breasted Black Suit Here.

The suit is called a double breasted suit because it comes fashioned with two parallel columns of buttons on the suit jacket, and overlapping front flaps. You do not button all the buttons, just one or two. For the right man, a double-breasted suit can be the height of sophistication.

How does a double breasted suit look?

A Double breasted suit, particularly in black, will broaden your shoulders, as well as bring in your stomache. Again, for those looking for it, this level of panache will help you make sure you look your best, even in the atmosphere of a funeral parlor.

What Color Suit to Wear to a Funeral?

Funerals are not the time to show off a wide palatte. There's really only one color suit to wear to a funeral: black.

Why are you supposed to wear black to a funeral?

Wearing black to a funeral has significant historical and familial significance. It's also a tradition across the United States, and to most major civilizations. In fact, most historians believe that people have worn black to funerals as far back as the Roman Empire Since a funeral is a grand time of mourning, wearing black

Closing Thoughts on COVID-19, Funerals, and the Importance of the Day

No matter what you're wearing, please: just wash your hands.