Men's Lucky Casino Las Vegas Themed Tuxedo Shirt Roulette Gambling

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Luck will be a lady tonight in this incredibly fun, Las Vegas themed casino dress shirt design. If you're looking for the perfect shirt for any gaming themed night, look no further.

This shirt is constructed from high quality materials, and tailored to your body. It'll keep you calm and comfortable enough to double-down on 11. With white cuffs, and a fully-printed all over design, you'll be fun from all angles.

This shirt has everything that you've ever thought of when considering a casino night. There's roulette wheels and dice, and moneybags, with poker chips. There's also bingo boards and other items you may find on the casino floor.

This is the perfect gift for the poker playing man in your life. If you give it to him, maybe he'll win you a jackpot!