Men's 100% Virgin Wool Super 140s Two Button Black Dress Suit

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This is an extremely high quality men's suit.. It is made from the finest Super 140's 100%  wool, giving it a lightweight feel that'll keep you cool and stylish all year around. Its jacket is single breasted, two button - it is a very fashionable cut. The suit was designed in Italy, and is hand-tailored, giving it a look of a suit thousands of dollars more than it will cost you. The matching flat front pants are a standard six inch drop from the jacket, meaning that if you order a size 46 jacket, it will come with size 40 pants. The suit comes with stretch armholes to ensure perfect fit. Whether you're at a wedding, party, or just want to look incredible every day at work, this suit is sure to become the new favorite item of your wardrobe, so buy now!